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Applying for a mortgage is both an exciting and overwhelming time. We are here to help make the journey as easy as possible; providing the friendly and honest reassurance that only your credit union can, with a dedicated mortgage expert to guide you through the process.

Mortgages from €50k to €250k with a Great Low Rate of 5% (5.17% APR). Find out more here.

We are Progressive, Innovative and Working For You.

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NOTE: All figures given on this website are for your general information only, and give a rough guide to loan repayments. Any statements on this website do not purport to be authoritative or legally binding. Kilmallock Credit Union Ltd. accepts no responsibility for errors due to changes in rates or offers which have occurred after this date. You are advised to check with our offices for up-to-date rates and offers.

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We are Progressive, Innovative and Working For You.