About Us

Kilmallock Credit Union has been operating and providing financial solidity to members within this community for over 50 years, since 1963, and is one of the most financially stable and profitable Credit Unions in the country. Since our establishment Kilmallock Credit Union has been an integral part of the communities of its common bond; which covers a large part of county Limerick and north county Cork.

Our membership includes generations of family members, where for most, a Credit Union account was their first financial account. A tradition which is the cornerstone of the Credit Union movement, communities working together to help themselves and each other. For some people, the Credit Union is the only financial institution that will deal with them, offering an understanding and friendly face in times of great economic problems. Over the years, Kilmallock Credit Union has supported numerous community activities, sporting and non-sporting, giving generously where possible.

In 2014, Kilmallock Credit Union issued loans in excess of €3,750,000, with savings of €24,321,263 and a membership of over 7100. In the last twelve months we have increased our loan book by almost 8%. This has been an amazing achievement and it is a message to all members whether existing or potential, that Kilmallock Credit Union is actively lending.

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