6 reasons to switch your Provident Loan to KCU

News that Provident Financial are to leave Ireland came as a shock to its borrowers. Kilmallock Credit Union can help and we want to show you how.

When you switch your loan to Kilmallock Credit Union, you can save over €350.

  1. We Offer Great Value Loans which means Cheaper Repayments
    Our PMC loan rate is 12.69% APR. The Provident Loan rate is 157.3% APR. The difference is astronomical. Take a look at the repayment comparison between our loan and a Provident loan. You can join us and apply for a loan right away. We also offer lower rates on some promotional loan options. Calculate your repayments now with our Loan Calculator.

Repayment of PMC (Personal Micro Credit Scheme) loans can be facilitated through the An Post Household Budget Deduction scheme. (terms and conditions apply)

  1. No Fees
    Yes, it’s true! Kilmallock Credit Union does not charge any administration or transaction fees for our in-branch, phone or online services.
  2. FREE Loan Protection Insurance
    As well as great value loans, we offer FREE Loan Protection Insurance on our loans.* Your loan is paid off in the event of your death.
  3. The more you pay, the less you pay
    You pay interest on the reducing balance of the loan: therefore, you pay less interest as the loan decreases – making a big difference over the lifetime of your loan. Also, there is no penalty for early or lump sum repayments.
  4. Local branches, and lots of ways to pay
    Kilmallock Credit Union has 3 branches in Kilmallock, Charleville and Kilfinane; open 6 days a week and late on Thursday. As a member you can use any branch at any time and every member of Kilmallock Credit Union enjoys FREE online and mobile banking access. Learn more about our CuMobile Banking App here.

Most of our services are available by phone, including payments with your debit card and loan applications. Call us now on 063 98355

If you are not a member of Kilmallock Credit Union you can join us now online or call into any of our branches to join. Click here for more information on joining us.

Personal, local service is the ethos of the credit union. We are a friendly face you can speak to in times of difficulty. We are here to help.

  1. Your community benefits
    For the last 58 years, Kilmallock Credit Union has been supporting your community. We are not-for-profit, member-owned co-operative working for our members and community. Each time you borrow and save with us, you are helping your community.

Ready to Switch, check out our loan calculator.

Online: If you are already a Kilmallock Credit Union member, you can apply for a loan online here. If you are not a Kilmallock Credit Union member, you can join us online.

Phone: Call us on 063 98355 to enquire about a loan or joining us

In-Branch: You can also call into any of our branches and our staff will be happy to help. Click here for our opening hours.

*Lending criteria, terms & conditions apply. WARNING: If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future. Kilmallock Credit Union Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

RepTrak® 2021 Study Finds Credit Unions are Ireland’s Most Respected Provider of Financial Services

Credit unions have once again been recognised as the most highly regarded financial services organisation, according to the Ireland RepTrak® study. The Ireland RepTrak® 2021 study is based on a survey of over 6,500 members of the public which gathered data on the levels of trust, respect, admiration and esteem they have for organisations in Ireland.

Credit Unions were placed first in Governance and in Citizenship – two important drivers of reputation. Overall, credit unions took second place in the study with a score of 84.9. Bord Bia took the top spot while An Post ranked in third place. Credit unions, as the cornerstone of local communities, were recognised as being friendly, genuine, down-to-earth, sincere and straightforward, in the analysis of brand personality traits that most closely correlated with reputation, amongst the 100 organisations that were studied.

Speaking about the achievement, ILCU President, Helene McManus said:

We are delighted to celebrate this good news and congratulate Irish credit unions for their consistently high performance in the RepTrak survey. It really is a fantastic achievement to consistently remain in the top two for the past three years. It has been an incredibly difficult year for all organisations and businesses. Credit unions all around the country have remained a cornerstone of their local communities and continue to go above and beyond for their members.

ILCU President, Helene McManus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Member Information

Credit Unions are an essential service and we remain open during the Level 5 restrictions. We would like to remind our Members that most of our Credit Union services can be conducted over the phone or through our online banking services.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to protect our staff and our members, we ask that our members only visit our offices if necessary.

If visiting our offices during the restrictions; please note the following:

  • In line with public health advice we request that members wear face masks while in our offices.
  • In our Kilmallock offices only three people are allowed in the members area at any one time.
  • In our Charleville and Kilfinane offices only two people are allowed in the member area at at one time.
  • These requests are for the safety and wellbeing of fellow members and staff.

Here to Help

We wish to assure our members that we are taking every step to ensure minimal disruption to services and as always, our friendly staff are on hand to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We are conscious some Members may wish to avoid visiting our offices to conduct transactions during the current situation. We would like to remind Members that most Credit Union services are available through our Online Banking facilities or over the phone.

What Would You Like To Do?

What Controls Are In Place to Prevent The Spread of the Virus at the Credit Union?

We would like to ensure members that Kilmallock Credit Union have taken the following precautions:

  • All our staff have received training to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are always practised. This includes regularly washing their hands.
  • Placing hand sanitisers in all staff areas for our staff use
  • Placing hand sanitisers in members area for our members use
  • Regularly disinfecting member touchpoints
  • Tape has been placed on the floors of our offices indicating the safe distance for our members to stand in the queue following social distancing rules.
  • Glass screens have been erected at the teller areas of our offices for our member and staff protection.
  • Undertaking regular staff training and communications on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • In line with public health advice we request that members wear face masks while in our offices.
  • During Level 5 restrictions, a maximum number of only three people are allowed in the member area of our Kilmallock office and only two people are allowed in the members area of our Charleville and Kilfinane offices at any one time.
  • These requests are for the safety and wellbeing of fellow members and staff.

Update 25.03: Re: Social Welfare Payments

The Department of Social Protection has changed their payment frequency to fortnightly. If you have a loan with us, please contact the office to change your loan repayment frequency to fortnightly. Call: 063 98355 or Email: loans@kilmallockcu.ie

We are here to help!

Many households will come under strain to manage their finances during this time. This may be due to reduction or loss of income. Your local credit union can help with this short term issue with flexible loan products.

Kilmallock Credit Union offers 24 Hour Loans from €200 to €5000. Loan application decisions are based on a member’s ability to repay.

Loan applications can be taken by phone and all necessary documentation can be emailed to loans@kilmallockcu.ie. You will need to visit our office once to sign the loan agreements. If you are registered for our CUOnline+ Online Banking, you can complete your full loan application online.

New members can Join & Apply the next day.

Credit Union Named Most Popular Choice for Irish Car Loans, for the Second Time

The credit union has been named as the most popular choice for Irish car loans in a survey completed by car trading website Carzone.ie. Eight months ago a survey by Done Deal had similar findings.

The Carzone survey found that;

  • 61% of car buyers in Ireland would choose the credit union car loan
  • 33% would choose a personal bank loan
  • 27% would choose a dealership PCP
  • 24% would choose a PCP

The Carzone report also revealed that 30% of respondents were confused about the lump sum required at the end of a PCP agreement – a sign of the growing caution with Irish car buyers around this type of finance. You can read the difference between a PCP contract and a credit union car loan here.

Why choose a credit union car loan?

  • Low cost, flexible loan
  • Own your car from day 1
  • No balloon payments
  • No restrictions on mileage or maintenance
  • Jargon free loan
  • We are award-winning, community-owned lenders
  • New members can apply for a loan immediately

Use our loan calculator to see how affordable a car loan with us really is.

To apply for a loan

Call to any of our offices to apply in branch; Kilmallock, Charleville or Kilfinane. Information is taken from carzone.ie survey.

Why a CU Car Loan is better than PCP Finance

Whether it is a brand-new car, a second-hand bargain or your first set of wheels, you’ll drive a better car loan deal with us!

We know the difference a car loan can make to your life. We offer car loans with realistic terms, at rates that are reasonable. Your repayment plan is worked in a way that works best for you – weekly, monthly, early repayments and you can make lump sum payments without any penalty.

Why choose a CU Car Loan over PCP Finance

  • You OWN The Car from Day 1
  • NO Balloon Payments
  • NO setup or document fees
  • NO restrictions on servicing and/or mileage
  • NO Penalities for Early Repayment
  • NO Hidden or Additional Costs
  • Interest Paid on REDUCING Loan Balance
  • FREE Loan Protection Insurance
  • Friendly and personalised application process
  • Quick decisions
  • Highly favourable interest rates

With a pre-approved CU loan, you are in a better bargaining position when shopping for your new car!

Talk to us today about your new car. Call 063 98355, apply online or call into one of our branches.