Creating your own Home Gym

Home Gym Equipment

Working out at home is a great way to get fit, and with gyms and fitness classes closed; are you thinking of creating your own home gym?

We’ve put together a guide to creating your own home gym; things you should consider and the equipment costs for all budgets.

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Step 1: Design Your Setup

Firstly, be realistic as to the type of exercise you want to do at home – make a list! Then from that determine the equipment you will need, and then the amount of equipment.

Once done, look at your space and design it to suit your needs.

Don’t forget your Storage – Make sure to include storage in your design and budget! A lot of people overlook this and your new gym space becomes crowded very quickly. The storage solutions don’t have to be completed, plastic boxes are great or wall storage.

Going Online – If you plan on using online or streaming workouts, make sure to include a shelf for your laptop or device – and check the Wi-Fi / coverage at this point!

Step 2: Stock Your Home Gym

Home Gym Equipment: Basic: Cost: €100-€180 approx.
Here are some ideas to get you started on a basic gym setup.

  • Dumbbells: €15-€69
  • Resistance Bands: €12-€22.00
  • Kettlebell: €26 – €90
  • Skipping Rope: €3.00
  • Yoga Mat: €12.00
  • Foam Roller: €9.00

Home Gym Equipment: Intermediate: Cost: €1,000-€3,000 approx.

  • Bench: €89
  • Pull-Up: €100
  • Suspension Trainer: €45.00
  • Barbell and Weights: €80
  • Dip Station: €40
  • Rack: €300

Home Gym Equipment: Intermediate: Advanced: Cost: €2,300-€4,000 approx.
Most gym suppliers will customise a package for your needs but we have outlined costs for some of the main items.

  • Pro/Commercial-Rack and Barbell, Weights: €500-€2,500
  • Barbells: €200
  • Indoor Rower: at €1,200.
  • Air Bike: €1,000
  • Commercial Bench: €400-€800

Weight Packages – a package to suit your needs from beginner to advanced home package, with a rack, weights, bench, accessories and TRX straps can start from €1,300.

Get a mirror – There’s a reason gyms have mirrors everywhere! Watching yourself exercise helps you correct your posture and minimise injury.

Step 3: Enjoy!

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