Credit Union Named Most Popular Choice for Irish Car Loans, for the Second Time

The credit union has been named as the most popular choice for Irish car loans in a survey completed by car trading website Eight months ago a survey by Done Deal had similar findings.

The Carzone survey found that;

  • 61% of car buyers in Ireland would choose the credit union car loan
  • 33% would choose a personal bank loan
  • 27% would choose a dealership PCP
  • 24% would choose a PCP

The Carzone report also revealed that 30% of respondents were confused about the lump sum required at the end of a PCP agreement – a sign of the growing caution with Irish car buyers around this type of finance. You can read the difference between a PCP contract and a credit union car loan here.

Why choose a credit union car loan?

  • Low cost, flexible loan
  • Own your car from day 1
  • No balloon payments
  • No restrictions on mileage or maintenance
  • Jargon free loan
  • We are award-winning, community-owned lenders
  • New members can apply for a loan immediately

Use our loan calculator to see how affordable a car loan with us really is.

To apply for a loan

Call to any of our offices to apply in branch; Kilmallock, Charleville or Kilfinane. Information is taken from survey.