Credit Union Back to School Survey

The Credit Union 2019 Back to School Survey has been released and shows some interesting results.

  • Parents are spending €1,399 getting their child ready for secondary school, up €20 on the cost last year.
  • Parents are spending €949 getting their child ready for primary school, down €50 on the cost last year.
  • Around a third of parents expect to get into debt to fund the back-to-school costs. The average debt is €322, a lower figure than in previous years.
  • The most expensive item at second level was again books, coming in at €220 compared with €200 last year. Uniforms and clothing were next on the list at €200, up from €179 last year.
  • At primary school level, parents are cutting back on school lunches, with the spend falling from €142 last year to €102 this year.
    After-school care has also seen a drop from €140 to €117.
  • Extra-curricular activities continue to be the biggest spend at €159, up from €153 in 2018.
  • Of those taking on debt, around a quarter are turning to moneylenders. However, this figure is down slightly from last year. The average amount borrowed from moneylenders has also fallen slightly from €450 last year, to €439 this year.
  • Parents said that in order to afford the basics, two-thirds will drop extra curricular activities, while 30% will not be able to give money for school trips.


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