We are replacing your current “MYCU” Debit Card with a new Current Account Debit Card.

Your existing Credit Union MYCU Debit Card will stop working on 10th April 2023 and your new Current Account Debit Card will start working from 11th April 2023.

You must take the following actions:

  1. Get your new pin number for your new card
    Text the number on the letter containing your Debit Card in order to receive your NEW PIN number. You will receive the PIN number within a few minutes.

    Please note the following:
    a. The PIN request must come from the phone number registered on the account.
    b. Your old PIN number will not work with your Debit Card but you can change the PIN number on your card at any ATM.
  2. Activate your New Debit Card
    To activate your new Debit Card and enable Contactless, complete a PIN transaction at an ATM or retailer.

If you require any assistance with these actions or have any queries in relation to them please ring your Credit Union or contact the New Card Services number (01) 693 3333