ReBoot Business Loan

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ReBoot Business Loan

Supporting Local SMEs Back to Business

We recognise the vital role that local businesses and SMEs play in our community providing employment and services. We are here to help in these difficult times with our ReBoot Business Loan. Our ReBoot Business Loan is available at 6% (6.18% APR). Our application process is straightforward and we aim for quick decisions so you can work on focus on growing your business.

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NOTE: All figures given on this website are for your general information only, and give a rough guide to loan repayments. Any statements on this website do not purport to be authoritative or legally binding. Kilmallock Credit Union Ltd. accepts no responsibility for errors due to changes in rates or offers which have occurred after this date. You are advised to check with our offices for up-to-date rates and offers.

Our Loans

Easy loan process with 98% approval rate.

Quick Process

We aim to review all loan applications with 48 hours.

Same Day Join & Apply

You don’t have to be a member to apply for a loan!

Myth Busting

Loan decisions are based on your ability to repay.

Why Borrow From Us

  • Trained and experienced lending team
  • Flexible repayments – including quarterly repayments
  • Join & apply for a loan same day
  • Quick loan decisions
  • No administration or transaction fees
  • With your consent, we can deal directly with your accountant, streamlining the process
  • Business plan template supplied. We can help complete this form if required
  • Loan Protection Insurance included at no direct cost to you. (T&C’s apply)

Documentation Needed

  • Financial Accounts, including a profit & loss account and balance sheet (ideally 3 years)
  • Chapter 4 Self Assessment Statement (Revenue. 2 years)
  • 3-12 months business bank statements (dependent on loan size)
  • Evidence of non-business income/personal bank statement (3-12 months; dependent on loan size)
  • Written confirmation from accountant that the applicant’s tax affairs are up to date and in order. (This letter should confirm that the applicant is not in an arrangement with the Revenue)
  • Tax Clearance Certificate

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Personal Service

Although we offer full online banking services, our commitment to providing personal customer service remains as strong as ever. We offer extensive opening hours across our 3 branches, opening late on Fridays and opening Saturdays. We are always available to help our members face-to-face, by phone or email.

Competitive Loan Rates

We also offer competitive loans for home improvements, cars, education, travel, hobbies and much more. There are no fees on our loans and no penalties for early repayment.

Information for SME’s concerned about Financial Difficulties

If you are facing financial difficulties in your business we would advise you to communicate these issues to us as soon as possible so that we can work together to address them. The earliest possible stage of notification gives us the best chance of finding a resolution that works for both sides. We will consider any financial difficulties situation sympathetically and work with you constructively to find appropriate solutions.

Our Credit Union SME Information Booklet outlines Kilmallock Credit Union’s procedures when dealing with SME’s in financial difficulties and gives information on the support which will be provided by the Credit Union to SME’s in this situation. The Credit Union recognises that individual SMEs may differ by size and indeed sector and therefore each SME in financial difficulties will be dealt with on a case-by-case-basis. Apart from our own internal processes we can also point you in the direction of other outside bodies who may be able to further assist your business in solving any trading difficulties it may be experiencing.