Welcome to National Junior Savers Week!

The aim of this week is to encourage children to develop good saving habits for life; it teaches them important planning, budgeting and money management skills. Make sure you download our handy Savings Chart to help your child save.

To encourage your child during this week we also have a fun Colouring page and Activity pages.

Top tips for children saving:

  • Tip One: Set a Savings Goal. Ask children to decide what they’re saving for.
  • Tip Two: Giving pocket money as Small Change makes it easier for children to save!
  • Tip Three: Encourage Saving. Give extra money for good behaviour!
  • Tip Four: Having a Piggybank or Credit Union account means your children can watch their savings grow!
  • Tip Five: Help children Save Regularly so they can achieve their savings goal! Open a Kilmallock Credit Union account – opening an account is one of most important things a parent can do. It helps them to get the habit of regular savings.

This is what you need to open a Kilmallock Credit Union account:

  • Child’s original birth certificate or passport and PPS number
  • Photo ID, address and PPS for the Parent or Guardian who is opening the account on the child’s behalf.
  • Membership fee of €0.50 to open an account.
  • Minimum lodgement of €5.00.

For more information, please call 063 98355 or email info@kilmallockcu.ie.