Why Borrow From Us?

We offer great value loan rates.

Our competitive interest rates start as low as 6% with a range of loans for all your needs and dreams; big or small, from home improvements, cars, education, garden designs, business and community loans. 

We approve 98% of all loan applications.

Yes, it is true! We approve 98% of all loan applications we receive.

We make it easy to apply for a loan.

Applying for a loan with us is easy; you can

  • Apply Online – click here to apply online through CUOnline+ or send an enquiry form.
  • Apply By Phone – call 063 98355 to make your application by phone.
  • Apply In-Branch – you can apply in any of our branches without an appointment. Click here to see our opening hours.

We will give you a quick decision.

We aim to review all loan applications Same Day or within 24 hours, once all relevant documentation accompanies the loan application.

You Can Join & Apply Next Day

Not a member, not a problem!

You can easily join Kilmallock Credit Union online or in-branch and apply for a loan next day.

Your loan application is based on your ability to repay.

Your loan application is based on your ability to repay, NOT on how much or how long you have saved with us, how long you have been a member.

We offer flexible loan schedule

We work with you to accommodate your needs and circumstances.

We don’t charge any fees.

Yes, it’s true! With us, there are no administration, transaction or arrangement fees and no penalities for early repayment.

We calculate interest on the reducing balance of your loan.

You pay interest on the reducing balance of the loan: therefore you pay less interest as the loan decreases – making a big difference over the lifetime of your loan.

We offer flexible payment options.

We do not stipulate that you must have your wages paid into your Kilmallock Credit Union account to avail of our discounted rates. You can repay your loan from any account, over the counter, online or over the phone, with your debit card. It is your choice.

We provide free loan protection insurance.

Your loan is paid off in the event of your death or permanent disability (T&Cs apply). Kilmallock Credit union provide this insurance to eligible members at no extra cost, other credit providers charge for this.

We offer loans big or small.

We are your trusted lending partner through all stages of your life, from your first car and your college adventure to your holidays, city breaks, new home, weddings, families, home improvements, emergenices and more.

We look at things differently: for education, medical, business, community and sporting requirements in our community.

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