Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Providing financial services to suit the needs of all generations

Kilmallock Credit Union has been operating and providing financial solidity to members within this community for over 50 years, since 1963, and is one of the most financially stable and profitable Credit Unions in the country. Since our establishment Kilmallock Credit Union has been an integral part of the communities of its common bond; which covers a large part of county Limerick and north county Cork.

Credit Union: We’re Different

Our membership includes generations of family members, where for most, a Credit Union account is their first financial account. A tradition which is the cornerstone of the Credit Union movement, communities working together to help themselves and each other.

When you join Kilmallock Credit Union you are not just another customer, you’re a member.

When you join, you’ll be part of the ownership of the credit union and will enjoy many benefits. You’ll also get a say in how the credit union is run for the good of the community. The Credit Union is controlled by a voluntary Board of Directors (all of whom are ordinary members) elected at our Annual General Meeting. Kilmallock Credit Union takes care of our community by offering fee-free banking services, low-rate loans, insurances, sponsorships and much more. We are the trustworthy, ethical alternative to high street banks.

Our Vision

It is our vision that we in Kilmallock Credit Union: strive to provide for the financial needs of its members in a co-operative and professional manner.

This means we will: provide a range of financial services required by the changing needs and preferences of our members operate on a not-for-profit basis and with dignity and integrity continue to encourage all persons within our common bond to become active members.

Kilmallock Credit Union - Our Vision
Kilmallock Credit Union - Our Vision

Our Mission

We aim to achieve this vision by fostering and developing the co-operative spirit and principles among our members. Providing a comprehensive range of financial services to all our members Acting in an effective and efficient manner and according to best practice.

It is our aim to implement our strategic plan in a manner that underpins our mission and enables us to move closer to our stated vision.